ASVI 2022 Session Four

In line with America’s Heart Month, ASVI is back with topic three, the last topic for this series on heart health awareness Sickle Cell Warriors.

Meet this week’s contributors to the topic

According to The American Society of Hematology, as people living with Sickle Cell Disease (SCD) live to adulthood, the chronic impact of sustained hemolytic anemia and episodic vaso-occlusive episodes leads to progressive end-organ complications.

This scenario culminates in the development of 1 or more major cardiovascular complications of SCD for which there are no approved or consensus therapies.

This is why here at ASVI, these real life discussions are important, to highlight issues currently happening in the sickle cell community.

Most people living with SCD may not understand some of these complications that they may otherwise be impacted one day.

So join us discussing Congestive Heart Failure in people living with Sickle Cell Disease on 26th February at 7am EST.

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