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Amplify Sickle Cell Voices International Inc is a global Organisation created to give a voice to sickle cell warriors, caregivers and advocates. The main aim is to give tools to these stakeholders to be better advocates for themselves.

The organisation has two parts to stakeholder engagement, we have the general organisation membership and we have membership for stakeholders to join the annual webinar series.

The organisation is headed by a chairperson and the webinar series is managed by the founder of the organisation. Currently the organisation chairperson is Zakareya Al-Khadem.  

The webinar series membership accepts members to participate in Sickle Cell Educational Webinars for the whole year. Every individual who joins this cause has an opportunity to present or contribute to a topic during one of these webinars.

We also encourage members to have face to face educational sessions that will be supported by ASVI.

Contact us on to find out more about the type of organisation membership for you.


Webinar Series Membership Criteria

From 2022 Webinar Series, we have introduced a membership fee that will be a revolving fund to help all organisations in this group to support projects at least twice a year. The funds you put in will eventually help you with a project of your choice. The only criteria for being part of ASVI Webinar Series are that individuals join the WhatsAPP group if they are willing to participate in the webinar series and pay the membership where possible. Members have to join in good faith.


The membership fee will be $5.00 USD for developing countries and $7.00 USD for developed countries per month to be paid in the ASVI Account. For individuals who do not have organisations they are running, we will allow them to support an organisation of their choice. Organisations will be required to send a fund proposal to the membership revolving fund committee addressing the following:
• Name of Project
• Reference letters to show the validity of the organisation from local reputable organisations
• Communities or projects to benefit
• What items will be purchased
• Any other funding sources
• Report after the completion of the project
o The report will be required within 4 weeks after the event/project
Applications will be done twice a year with the first applications to commence the second week of February, the application
period for event proposals will be end of February. We welcome individuals, organisations and other sickle cell stakeholders to contact us to join the ASVI Movement. Emails us on

Contact ASVI to join the Amplify Movement

About ASVI

Amplify Sickle Cell Voices International Inc (ASVI) is an international Organisation created to give Sickle Cell Warriors, Caregivers and Advocates a voice in the safe space to express themselves without fear or favour.

With the help of supporting Healthcare professionals, one of the main objectives is to be equipped with tools to be better advocates for ourselves. What started of as a series of webinars during the pandemic, the ideal grew to having this organisation. See the Webinars for Season one and two on this link.

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