Amplify Sickle Cell Voices Series

Amplify Sickle Cell Voices

Webinar Series Part Two Running Thru October 2021 

Amplify Sickle Cell Voices International Inc. and partners are bringing back the popular Amplify Sickle Cell Voices series. Part one of this series engaged over 40 guests from 23 countries in discussion on SCD-related issues, and part two will feature critical conversations with an even broader scope of global SCD experts and perspectives. The webinar series returns with an interactive twist: all participants will be included in discussion and activities through breakout rooms in each webinar session. Part two launched on April 17, 2021 and will run thru the end of October 2021.


About Amplify Part Two:

Amplify SCD Voices Series Part Two is currently on-going. This year’s series is a bit different and it has started on 17th April 2021, and will run until mid-October. Join in to amplify the voice of SCD!!

This year the sessions will be hosted by different Project Managers in their respective countries virtually and others willing to participate. We will be traveling to your country virtually to know more about the sickle cell issues and brainstorm as a group.

There will be a lot of interactive sessions with participants put into different break out rooms to brainstorm and be part of the sessions. The sessions this year are primarily focused on the patient/caregiver perspective, and it is ENCOURAGED for participants to invite healthcare professionals and policy-makers to attend.

For this session, we have one pediatric Hematologist and adult Hematologist as regular contributors and will invite other healthcare professionals to be on the expert panel time to time.

Importantly, this session participants will all receive a certificate from us after each session.

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