ASVI 2022 Session Six.


12th March 2022 ASVI is back with Session Six of Amplify Sickle Cell Voices Webinar Series Part Three.

This week we are discussing Albuminuria in Sickle Cell Warriors.

The kidneys in Sickle Cell patients are not spared from the effects of the sickled cells and are affected just like other organs in the body.

The Kidneys are said to be extremely sensitive to sickled red blood cells and people with sickle cell disease are more likely to develop chronic kidney disease because of reduced blood flow to the kidney.

Sickled Red blood cells can reduce and prevent blood flow in the kidneys and affect how blood vessels in the kidney work causing the kidneys not to get enough oxygen and eventually the kidney cells begin to die. Gradually they lose the ability to filter out waste products and eventually begin to suffer. This may cause proteins that are saved by the kidney to be lost in urine and the rapid breakdown of red blood cells in Sickle Cell to cause Hematuria(blood in Urine). If left untreated it may lead to acute and chronic kidney disease.

An article on NCBI on Sickle Cell Disease and Albuminuria states that Albuminuria is considered to be a relevant biomarker for the detection of early kidney problems in Sickle Cell Disease.

Therefore it’s extremely important for Children and adult warriors to have regular kidney and function tests to help detect injury or disease to help prevent kidney complications and seek treatment if there is need to.

Join us to share your experience so that others can be aware. ASVI is here to help change the sickle cell narratives.

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