ASVI 2022 Webinar Five

ASVI Webinar Series Part Three, Session Five took place on Saturday 05th March 7am EST. With the First topic in the month of March being The Importance of Nutrition in Sickle Cell Disease Management. The session was hosted by Agnes, and was moderated by KW Young. The event started off with welcome remarks and ASVI’s role and goals in the Sickle Cell Community from both Agnes and KW.

Our main goals involve us advocating for healthy life and success for people with Sickle Cell Disease (SCD). We are also raising awareness about the risks and challenges faced by people with the Sickle Cell Trait (SCT).

Gloria a caregiver from USA gave her testimony on her adult warrior’s journey with Sickle Cell and how Nutrition has played a major role in managing it. She also shared how having a balanced diet with lots of Greens, grains and proteins has really helped in managing her daughter’s Sickle cell.

Nathalie a caregiver from Australia also shared her testimony on how good nutrition has helped with managing her young daughter’s Sickle cell. From what she has experienced as a caregiver, she encouraged warriors on the importance of good nutrition and how drinking a lot of water, eating lots of fruits and vegetables and cutting down on sugar and fizzy drinks helps maintain a good healthy route.

Sandhya a warrior from Zambia and Eunice a warrior from Kenya both shared their views on how Nutrition goes hand in hand with Sickle Cell Disease Management and how incorporating a rainbow diet in their lifestyle has helped in reducing frequent crisis.

Toni a Sickle Cell Warrior and caregiver from Trinidad and Tobago also joined in and shared her back story and experience with Nutrition and how it has played a major role in managing her Sickle Cell and that of her young warrior son.

Dr Chirwa joined in and shared his insights on the importance of Nutrition particularly in young Children, he explained why it’s importance for young warriors to get the right groups of nutrients in their day to day diet and other key nutrition points. He was also kind enough to answer questions from the panellists.

After a brief contribution from Kadie a Sickle Cell warrior from Sierra Leone who was brave enough to join us from her Hospital bed, Nutrition experience from Ashiraf a sickle cell from Uganda was next then followed by a caregiver Mrs Mwansa from Zambia, who also shared how Nutritional supplements have helped in improving her adult warriors life and sickle cell managment.

The Session was closed with remarks from the both panellist and contributors. Join ASVI next Saturday on 12th March, 7am EST as we celebrate Kidney Awareness Month with Kidney conditions affecting Sickle Cell Warriors. Albuminuria(Too much proteins in Urine) in Sickle Cell Disease being the first topic.

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Thank you to all the Presenters, Doctors and panelists for all your contribution.

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