ASVI 2022 Webinar Two

ASVI Webinar Series Part Three Session Two on Saturday 12th February 7am EST kick started three sessions of Heart awareness month on Heart issues in Sickle cell warriors with Cardiomegaly in sickle cell disease being the first topic of the three sessions.

The session was hosted by Agnes, and it was opened with the Chairperson Zakareya emphasising on ASVI’s reasons for the webinar Series and how it helps amplify sickle cell warriors’ concerns and awareness. ASVI’s goals on advocating for healthy life and success for people living with sickle cell disease and the Trait.

Sandhya a Sickle Cell Warrior from Zambia gave her testimony living with sickle cell thalassemia. A teacher and living in one of the Rural towns in Zambia, she explained how she must travel to the capital of Zambia where brother lives to seek proper medical care and that regular Heart examinations are not very common for warriors in Zambia.

Dr Artangela Henry from America presented on Cardiomegaly in sickle Cell Warriors, how it comes about, its symptoms and treatment. She also explained on how stress can also cause cardiomegaly and how good nutrition and physical activities plays an important role in Cardiomegaly.

Lombe a caregiver to 12-year-old young warrior from Zambia shared her testimony on her warrior’s journey with Sickle cell disease, from her being diagnosed with congested heart disease, her being treated with it and finally after years of moving from different hospital and being seen by different doctors she was diagnosed with Sickle Cell Disease at 7 years old. She encouraged caregivers to educate themselves fully on Sickle Cell Disease and advocate for their warriors.

Dr Dexter from India joined in and shared his insights as a caregiver/Doctor on how his organisation is doing to help warriors get the right treatment and routine check-ups with cardiovascular issues.

Natasha a Sickle Cell Warrior and Medical student from Zambia shared her testimony and experience with Cardiomegaly where she had to move with an oxygen tank to help her breathe for two months. She enjoyed the session as it gave insights with her medical studies.

Dr Chirwa joined in and shared the presentation on Cardiomegaly in Paediatrics’, his insights on the importance of implementing treatment guidelines for sickle cell warriors and making good healthcare and medical equipment’s accessible for Warriors in Rural areas and he also emphasised on the importance of educating the community Sickle Cell Disease.

Dr Antonio shared his experience with Cardiomegaly in Sickle Cell Warriors in Angola and how the Government of Angola is working to improve prime care services for sickle cell warriors across the provinces.

After questions and contributions from the panel, Rockel a caregiver from Belize shared her experiences on her young Son’s heart infection and how it is very difficult in Belize to get proper medical care and treatment.

The session was closed with remarks on Amplify Sickle Cell Voices International Inc and how one can get to be part of the movement in changing Sickle Cell narratives. Join ASVI next Saturday as the Hearth Health Awareness in Sickle Cell Disease continues with the next topic being Pulmonary Hypertension in Sickle Cell Disease

Join ASVI next Saturday 7am EST as we continue on Heart Health Awareness in Sickle Cell Disease. This week we are discussing Hypertension in Sickle Cell Disease. See the link to register here

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